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Executive Board

Clause 3:    Structure of the executive body

The executive body of the Institute shall be composed of the following office bearers and members and total members of the body shall be to comprising the following.


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Clause 4:    Powers and Functions of the Executive Body

  • To act & represent the Firm in all matters and execute the politics and decisions of the general body.
  • To invite nominate, accept, suspend, or restore the membership/Admission of the persons according to provision of the article 3 of the constitution.
  • To appoint, suspend and dismiss staff of the firm if deemed necessary. It shall also determine the terms & conditions of the employment of staff.
  • To prepare schemes, budget, and progress reports will be responsible for the maintenance and case study of the office records and property.
  • If the vacancy occurs, the executive body can nominate coop member to fill the vacancy if half or more than half of the term of the office is over the vacancy occurs for remaining tenure of the office.
  • It shall fix date, time and place for holding annual general body meeting/ Session as and when due.
  • After election the body shall maintain a register of member and kept up to date in which the name and address of all categories of members of the Firm in case of donation or subscription as the case may be.
  • All property movable and immovable of the firm shall rest in the executive body, which shall administer in only for the aim and objectives of the firm.
  • Executives are Superior, and can take any decision after Consensus.