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Membership Clauses

Article 5     Membership/Admission 
Clause 1:    Eligibility of membership/Admission 

  • Any person who supports the aims & objects of the Institute/Organization & Age of interested candidates should not be less than 18 years and more than 35.
  • Shall be of good character, sound mind & not convicted by the law for moral criminal offerences.
  • Is loyal to Pakistan & all parts of it.
  • Agree to pay the prescribed fee.
  • Interested candidates should be citizens of Pakistan. Overseas Pakistani youth can also apply to become members.
  • Interested candidates should be able to read and write Urdu.

Clause 2:    Categories of membership

A person who pays Rs.50,000/- or more in lump sum to the Institute/organization whose services help in promotion of the objectives of the Institute/Organization, and fulfills the conditions laid under Article-5 may be invited by the executives body to be its patron.

General membership:
A person who pay Rs.1550/- or more lump sum and fulfill the requirement as laid down by Article-5 clause: 2 and is desirous to become a Student/member on prescribed form of the Institute/Organization shall become member.

Clause 3:    Rejection of membership

  • Persons whose applicable for membership is rejected by the Selection committee or executive body can apply after the laps of one month if memberships are open.
  • The application rejection second time by the selection committee or executive body shall be put before the General body for consideration providing reasons for rejection.
  • A person whose application is rejected by the selection committee or executive body will have the right to appeal to the general body whose decision shall be the final.


Clause 4:    Suspension, cancellation of membership

  • For non-payment of subscription/Admission fee up to 30 days after due date. If the outstanding dues are not cleared on due date. The member concerned will not remain of PYA.
  • Absence from meeting of general body and executive body.
  • A member who fails to attend three consecutive meeting/Session without prior.
  • Intimation or justification shall cease to be a member of the executive body or general body as per following procedure.
  • Any member who uses PYA for his/her own personal benefit or do Propaganda Against it, the Executive body can take any kind of decision against him/her.
  • In the event of explanation being found unsatisfactory be the executive body may either administer a warning or may ask the member to resign the membership from the Institute/Organization forthwith.
  • In the event of the said member refusing to resign his/her membership when asked to do so. The executive body in a special meeting may decide the case with three forth majority of its total strength of the body.
  • For reason to be recorded in writing the executive body with three forth majority of its total membership may suspend for the period of three months during which the executive body shall be bound to take final decision.
  • Any member may on his own accord terminate his membership sending his resignation to general secretary. The executive body may accept his resignation provided all the outstanding dues are cleared to the satisfaction of the body.
  • Death of member/Student.