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Newly Elected Cabinet for Session 2015-2016

Name Designation Contact
Abrar Umerzai Party Chief 0315-9590028
Daniyal Khan Chief Minister 0333-9552468
Shabir Hussain Shah Minister of Tourism
Ijaz Afridi Minister of Information
Arshid Iqbal Mohmmand Minister of Planning and Development 0333-9871868
Sajid Iqbal Minister of Health
Muhammad Faizan zeb Minister of Information Technology 0343-9033808
Farhana Jabeen Minister of Women Development —————-
Hamza Barki Minister of Specail Persion 0310-8365480
Ijaz Afridi Minister of Local Government 0315-9383850
Ishfaq Amin Nizampuri Minister of Socail Welfare 0333-6640761
Jalal Sherazi Minister of Inter Provincial Coordination 0331-5584692
Jasvinder Malhotra Minister of Minorities 0343-9446165
Khizran Mustafa Minister of Culture ————–
Khusboo Farid Minister of Law ————–
Maroof Ali Minster of Enviroment 0344-9398877
Hamim Afridi Minister of Saffron
Mian Azhar Uddin Minister of Forest
M Shoaib Jan Minster of Religious Affair 0333-95553573
M.Waqas Minister of Agriculture 0334-9255805
Nihal Tabassum Speaker Assembly —————
Ismail Peerzada Minister of Labors 0313-5552959
Qazi Tawab Minister of Agricluture 0334-9255805
Ramsha Awan Minister of Higher Education ————-
Imtiaz Ali Minister of Youth Affairs 0344-9291410
Syed Raza Jan Minster of Human Rights ————-
Taimoor Shah Minister of Education 0332-9998183
Touseef Ullah Marwat Deputy Speaker 0341-6948899
Wasim Haider Minster of Sports 0332-9872536
Asad Javid khan Jadoon Deputy Chief 0312-9126777
Wajeeha Zamir Women Rights
Nasir Jamal Advisor for Technical education
Jamal Ahmed Ministry Of Anti Narcotics
Divisional & District Coordinators PYA KP & FATA

Name Divisional Coordinators Contact
Mr Fahad Barkat Malakand Division
(Swat, Shangla, Kohistan, Malakand)
Mr Asad Javid Jadoon Mansehra Division
(Haripur, Abbotabad, Thor Ghar, Mansehra)
Mr Muslim Afridi FATA Division
Mr Rizwan Afridi FR’s Division

Name District Coordinators Contact
Mr Raziq Khan Peshawar
Mr Saqib Javid Peshawar (Depty )
Mr Irshad Khan Mardan
Mr Uzair Khan Mardan (Depty)
Mr Ikram Ullah Swab
Mr Qazi Fahad Nowshehra
Mr Sadam Ali Nowshehra (Depty)
Mr Amir Sohail Charsada
Mr Fahad Hussain Kohat
Mr Fazal Karim Hangu
Mr Zia Ur Rehman Chitral
Mr Badar Khan Kurram Agency
Mr Bilal Khan Afd Khyber Agency
Mr Syed Raza Jan Dir Lower/Uper

Chief Minister: – The CM shall be appointed by the Government party and the other Ministers in Cabinet shall be appointed by the party in power on the advice of other leaders, and the Ministers hold office during the pleasure of the Government. CM and Party chief of Governing party shall make Cabinet with the help of Executive members.
Speaker:- Speaker is the highest ranking officer of the Provincial Youth Assembly, and is elected by the Youth Assembly Members usually at the beginning of legislative session. The Speaker or his or her designee presides over Floor Session. She/he charged with the overall management and supervision of the Assembly.

Deputy Speaker:- The Deputy Speaker of the House of Provincial youth Assembly is the second highest-ranking official of the Youth Assembly House. During the absence of the House Speaker.

Cabinet Minister:- The cabinet minister shall be appointed by the Chief Minister/Government party. A minister can make and implement decisions on policies in conjunction with the other ministers.

Previous Governments

2015-2016 (PYA-GREEN)

Chief Minister: Mr. Danial Paracha

Speaker of the House: Miss.Nihal Tabbassum

2014-2015 (PYA-BLUE)

Chief Minister: Mr. Umair Ali Shah

Speaker of the House: Mr. Uzair khan Khilji

Caretaker Chief minister: Mr Saqib Ur Rehman

2013-2014 (PYA-BLUE)

Chief Minister: Mr. Dr. Raza Tanveer

Caretaker Chief minister: Mr. Adnan Sohail ( for 2 months)

Speaker of the House: Miss. Aamna Akber

2011-2013 (PYA Caretaker)

Chief Minister: Mr. Saad khan

Speaker of the House: Miss Tamkeen Qazi

Opposition Leaders

2015-2016 (PYA-BLUE)

Mr. Umair Ali Shah

2014-2015 (PYA-GREEN)

Mr. Umar Siab Khattak

2013-2014 (PYA-GREEN)

Mr. Abdur Rehman Dawar