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PYA Constitution

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Two Parties System:
1: PYA- Blue
2: PYA- Green


PYA- BLUE (Opposition)

Umair Ali Shah (Opposition Leader)

Burhan Ali (Party Chief)

Syed Raza Jan (Vice-Chief)


PYA-GREEN (Government)

Asad javid jadoon (Party- Chief)

Qazi Shoaib Ul Haq  (Vice-Chief)


Party Chief:- 

  • Party chief can take decisions inside Party.
  • He/she can designate duties to the members.
  • He/she can announce Activities, Meetings and conference.
  • He/she cannot Terminate/Cancel membership of Member, but can forward his/her name to the Executive body with Solid reason and Executives will take the final Decision.
  • He/She cant do Changes in Cabinet of Government without discussing with Executive body.
  • In case of any Death/Resignation, Vice-chief will be Party chief and Selection of Vice-chief will be on Consensus of Party members.