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Youth problems today can be categorized under several different rubrics. Every single one of them has many sub branches. To name only but a few, there is 11.5 percent youth unemployed as compared to overall general unemployment of 6.2 percent; there are uniform education system issues; there are health, social, economic and other psychological issues, but on top of everything there are representation issues. According to the UN, 65 percent of the total population of 184.3 million Pakistanis is aged below 25 with massive potential but zero ilization.
Any opportunity of youth development would bring prosperities to the people of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa (KP), who will later serve on na tional level and help course this country through the sea of monster problems being faced by Pakistan today. KP youth has proved to be resilient, vibrant, dynamic, skilled and hardworking to the level of being indefatigable. And that is why PYA has taken the step more pragmatic to open the theater of youth development on its own. KP has abundant land and natural resources; a large and vibrant civil society; hardworking and skilled workforce; large and growing domestic market; rich culture; and strategic location as a crossroad. All that is needed is a focus on how to harness all these pluses and PYA is out to do just that by being a viewfinder for that focus. PYA has a local character, reflective of KP’s traditional lifestyle.

We are here to serve the people of KP and no commercial entity can bring in such energies. To capitalize on KP youth’s competitive edge, we need an organization as vivid and exhilarated as PYA which would project and promote them; instill and polish future potential in them; and make them leaders in community service.

Zeeshan Hoti