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Provincial Youth Assembly ( PYA )

Provincial Youth Assembly is initiated By Young leaders for the Development and Training of Youth, to inculcate democratic culture in the Youth of Pakistan,and to bring Young leaders of Pakistan on one platform.

The specific objectives of Provincial Youth Assembly are to educate Pakistani Youth about politics and democracy and to demonstrate to them how Parliaments are working. It is a youth centered Institute at whose heart is experiential learning to spearhead a Youth Led Development model in Province/Pakistan. We do not simply take young people; rather we bring young people on a journey of discovery about themselves, their environment and ultimately help them to find their place in society.

  • There must be a Youth Quota in provincial assembly.
  • People of Khyber pakhtoonkhwa Need Technological Modern Burn Center. (Achieved: Kpk Govt announced 4 Burn Units in Kpk)
  • Revolutionary Modern Islamic Education system.
  • The Image of the KPK youth needs to be rediscovered and presented to the world. (In Progress: Doing Peace and Cultural Festivals)
  • To patronize our Youth for Volunteerism, this is lacking due to a capitalism-minded society. (Achieved)
  • To promote and activate the sense of social service.
  • To Provide Parliamentary Environment to the Youth. (Achieved: Our Parliamentary sessions are same like National and Provincial Assemblies)
  • To debate matters of national and international concern; (Achieved: Doing Current Affairs Tv Shows and Events)
  • To improve the conditions of life for young people in Pakistan and to overcome barriers to their education, learning, training or employment.
  • To give a voice to Youth in development and Governance issues. (Achieved)
  • Ensure greater involvement of Youth in Regional and international Processes.
  • To make and enforce their own rules of conduct.
  • Youth competitions for improving the social and cultural outlook. (Achieved: Inter- Schools, Colleges and Universities Competitions)
  • Youth awards must be presented to high achievers among youth.

In addition Provincial Youth Assembly is a Registered Firm under conferred by Office of Registrar of Firms, Government of Khyber pakhtunkhwa under PS Act 1932, and its registration number is PS/ 268/ 9 / 29613. PYA serves as a useful forum to voice views of the youth about a range of national and international issues. The debates in the Provincial Youth Assembly are meant to not only help the young members in their personal development as a useful citizen, these also serve the purpose of articulating views of the youth on vital issues facing the nation and conveying these to the Government.

Two Parties System:
1: PYA- Blue
2: PYA- Green